Monday, February 28, 2011

Hans Carlston Death Notice - Deseret News

Maybe its the spirit of Elijah, but I've been doing a little hunting the past few weeks trying to find more information about Hans Carlston and his son Peter Christian Carlston (my great grandfather).  There are a lot of remarkable stories that are part of the family legend, but none have been recorded that I've been able to read.

I understood that Hans was murdered over a business deal that went south, but per this notice in the Deseret News, it appears as though he died of heart failure: Deseret News Link.

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  1. I have some stuff that I thought I'd given you but I may have sent it out before we met. It covers some of this stuff so I'll email it ASAP.
    Thanks for this blog. It'll be nice to have one place to post and read things.