Peter Christian Carlston

This afternoon, I did some digging around at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I understand that Peter C. (Hans' son with Anna Mariah Pedersen) owned a bookstore in Salt Lake City, shortly before he left on a second mission.  While I didn't find information today about Peter C's bookstore, I did find out about his employment and mission dates.  Please feel free to email me any stories, additions or corrections (contact link above) that you may have and I'll be sure to update this blog:

Peter Christian Carlston
b 10 Jun 1878
Married 10 Apr 1907 to Nilla Solbakken Carlston (12 May 1883 - 3 Jan 1948)
    LeGrand Alf Carlston (1908 - 28 Oct 1969)
    Harold Carlston (1911 -)
    Kenneth Carlston (1916-)
d 9 Aug 1954

Son of:
Hans Carlston (24 Mar 1832 - 5 Sept 1901)
Anne or Anna Mariah Pedersen (4 Apr 1844 to 22 Dec 1919)
LDS Missionary Service:
set apart 12 Dec 1902 -- Scandinavia
return 15 Mar 1905
set apart 7 Jul 1926 -- North Central States
return 6 Jan 1927

Employment & Address:
1921 Miner, 964 Laird Ave.
1922 Support, 964 Laird Ave.
1923 Support, 437 7th Ave.
1924-1926 Mining, 437 7th Ave.
1927 Salesman, 437 7th Ave.

Sept 12, 1918 Draft Card, Peter C was 40 years old working in the oil and shale business for Rainbow Petroleum Products Co. PCC was 'tall' 'slender' with 'blue' eyes and 'light' colored hair.
The above document was PCC's passport application, stamped 15 Dec 1902, most likely obtained so he could serve his Scandinavia mission. He said that his father was a 'naturalized' citizen of the US and that he (PCC) worked as a sheep shearer. He was 24 years old when he filled out the application standing 5' 9" with a narrow forehead, gray eyes, prominent nose, small mouth, sharp chin, light brown hair, fair complexion and long face.  He requested that the passport be sent to Boston.
This passenger list for the 'Canadian' (ship name) arrived at the port in Boston, Massachusetts on 17 Feb 1905 after leaving from Liverpool England on 4 Feb 1905.  Most likely, PCC was coming home from his Scandinavia mission.
(Group sheet courtesy of Peggy Carlston)